sábado, 24 de outubro de 2009

Morel Inc. Featuring Tafuri - Running On Empty

Morel Inc. has done a few projects with Andrea Tafuri back in the 90's and I must say he was right when he chose her to collaborate with her great vocal performaces.
Released in 1995 under 3 lables. The copy I have is from Strictly Rhythm( I used to love this lable) actually it was a gift from a dear friend of mine from Chicago.... I do miss the good old days...
Hope everyone enjoy this tune!!!

quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009

Junior Vazquez Pres. Vernessa Mitchell - Reap(what you sow) 12"x2

Finally I got the chance to rip my 2x12" when Junior Vasquez used make good music. Vernessa Mitchell has one of the most beautiful voices in the music industry. Although she had success as a Gospel/CCM artist, Mitchell has also done well as a dance diva. Her uplifting house songs have charted seven times on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play with gospel/inspirational themed dance songs unfortunately not very well publicized lately. Released back in 1995 & 1996 under a few different lables. REAP can really lift up any dance floor I do miss the time when music was done with good intentions (not just to sell)......
Reap What You Sow (Sound Factory Mix)
Reap What You Sow(Welcome Mix)
Reap What You Sow(Extended Play Mix)
Reap What You Sow(Hipnotic Mix)
Reap What You Saw(Turturro Mix)

quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009

Mijan - Alright

This 1996 tune released under Slip 'n' Slide Lable has one of the best Mijan's vocal. Very uplifting latino mix with a gospel touch.
Alright (95 North Gospel mix)
Alright (95 Salsoul Vox Mix)

quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2009

Children Of The Underground Ft Tafuri - Stand By Your

Produced by Frankie Capello and mixed by Victor Simonelli is one of my favorite tunes from 1994 when it was first released. Andrea Tafuri did the vocals as awalys she delivers it!!! " Stand by your Man " was released under two lables Bassline & Sweat.