domingo, 23 de janeiro de 2011

Steven Ville - Loving You Is Really Something

Steven Ville unique voice was best known when he feature the project Sonz of Soul-Race of Survival in 1995. At the same year her released this nice funk soul track where his voice shines once again.
"Loving you is Really Something" single has an extra track called "Do it my Way" also mixed by Rockstone(if I'm not wrong) they are based in London.
Steven hasn't been much around lately since then maybe due some other projects in his life but I hope to hear some more of him in a near future.
Loving you is Really Something(Extented Rockstone Mix)
Loving you is Really Something(Rockstone Romeo Mix)
Do it My Way(Rockstone Mix)

segunda-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2011

Barry Manilow - I'd Really Love To See You Tonight (Dance Mixes)

After a few weeks break Upliftinggarage Blog is back. Well guys what to say.... Bahamas was great !!! hehehhehehe....
I wish I had time to upload something better unfortunately work has keeping me really busy since I got back from vacation so this what I have at the moment for you.
Released in 1997 under Arista label with mixes from Tony Moran, & Bob Rosa.
Barry's voice still great and Tony did a great job like he used to back in the 90's....
Another song featured was "Could it be Magic" which had some horrenduos mixes(no need to talk any further about it) if anyone like it stick to the original mix.
If you REALLY insist to listen to "Could it be Magic" I'll advise to get Donna Summer's version or Vic Feat Mickiyagi, these two singers have decent mixes.
Tony Moran Extended Dance Mix
Circuit Mix
Premier Club Mix
I'd Really Love To See You Tonight .rar