terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

Dawn Tallman - I Get Happy /Gonna Miss You

Released under Soundmen on Wax in 1999 came out as a 2x12"package. Another great tune produced be B.O.P. having "gonna miss you" as a bonus track. Lovely vocals by Dawn Tallman.
Enjoy !!
I Get Happy (Bop Soul Delicious mix)
I Get Happy (Bop Traditional mix)
I Get Happy (Bop Traditional Trax mix)
Gonna Miss You (Bonus Song)

sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011

Magic Dog Ft Ms. Mead - Mirrow Mirrow

Released under Groovilicious in 1998 Vocals by Mike Loco & Ms. Mead. Mixes by Mike Cruz, Eddie Baez & Repete.
I simply love all mixes !!! It brings me back good memories where good music was out every week. For those who loves the runway, vogue or drag music u can't miss this one!
Enjoy !
Mirrow Mirrow(Magic Dog Mix)
Mirrow Mirrow(Mike Cruz Krash Mix)
Mirrow Mirrow(E-Dog/Repete Mix)
Mirrow Mirrow(Eddie Baez Mix)

sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011

Nu Civilization Ft. Andrea Tafuri - You Are

Tafuri used to do such great songs in the past lately she's not of her can be found. Her last released "You won't ever Leave"(2007) under Eddie Baez mixes and production was something to be forgotten... Hopefully in a future she brings back her lovely voice in a decent house tune.
Nu Civilization "You Are" was released as a single in 1994 under Permanent Records which was also featured in 1993 a Nu Civilization album compilation.
Enjoy !
You Are(Club Mix)
You Are(Original Demo Version)
You Are(Beat-A-Pella)