domingo, 27 de junho de 2010

Clubland-Adventures Beyond Clubland Mixes & Dubs

A few requests have been sent out to my email to post some Clubland's track. I do like this group although I do not have any full lenght record of them.
Here is a compilation made by a dear friend of mine(Thanks Giba!!).
Hope you guys enjoy!
Vocals by Zemya Hamilton
Adventures Beyond Clubland Mixes & Dubs
1-Clubland-Love Strain(FX Reconlate Mix)
2-Clubland-Hold On(Briston Deep Dub)
3-Clubland-Set me Free(Full Length Timeless Classic)
4-Clubland-Hypnotized(PKA Full Philly Mix)
5-Clubland-Come Rain,Come Shine(12” Mix)
6-Clubland-Ride the Groove
7-Clubland-There I go Again
8-Clubland-Torture(in the name of love)
9-Clubland-Hold On(Died And Went To Heaven Mix)
10-Clubland-Set Me Free(Journey to Dubland)
11-Clubland-Love Strain(Higher Than Dub)
12-Clubland-Hypnotized(Full Timeless Mix)
13-Clubland-Hold On(Hurley’s House Mix)
14-Clubland-Set me Free(Classic Disco Radio)
15-Clubland-Gimme Love,Gimme All(Lee Marrow’s Club Mix)-Euro mix
File rar.

sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

Mijan-Save Your Soul

Released under 95 North Records back in 1998 another great track with Mijan on vocals. Mixes from 95 North and R.I.P. Productions. Listening to Mrs. Mijan singing is a bless and you can't go no wrong with this one! Lovely tune!!!
Save Your Soul (Vocal Mix)
Save Your Soul (R.I.P Vocal Mix)

sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

The Mack Vibe Ft Jaqueline-Mr. Meaner

The Mack Vibe Project had 4 songs released back in the 90's under Eightball Records with Jaqueline's debut as a lead singer. I would say Mr. Meaner was the best single from this project.
Mixes from Junior Vasquez , Danny Krivit & Darrin Friedman. Here are a set of the best mixes from these guys! I also include a Bonus mix from a Demo Version.
Mr. Meaner (Junior & Mack's "Treatment" Mix)
Mr. Meaner (Mis-De-Meanor) (DK With A Blade Mix)
Mr. Meaner (Spike Vocal)
Mr. Meaner (Spike Dub)
Mr. Meaner (Demo Version) (Bonus Track)