quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

Slippery People Ft Adeva - Wish I never Knew

I remember getting this cd copy in Boston from a DJ friend of mine. At first, I could not believe, one of my greatest diva had released a new single!!!!
Unfortunately, as far as I know this IS Adeva's last work in years. Released in 2004 as a Promo under Guidelines lable it was produced by Slippery People and backing vocal by Leroy Burgess.
This single tracks: Radio Edit, Original Mix(my fav), ***Ski Oakenfull Remix(very disappointed mix I prefer his work with Incognito), Album Mix( good mix).
Listen to Adeva's voice is a bless. Hope she comes with something new in a near future!
Wish I Never Knew(Album mix)
Wish I Never Knew(Original Mix)

quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010

Mass Syndicate Ft. SuSu Bobien - You Don't Know

One of SuSu's best performace !! It was first released under a few different lables back in 1998 Strictly Rhythm, FFRR & Airplane! Records with mixes from M.A.S. Collective, Jonathan Tedesco, Fun Kee Runners, The Beloved....... The 12" remix came along under Groovilicious in 1999 with mixes from Junior Vasquez and Mark Pichiotti . I miss the good old days when Mr. Vasquez used to do such great mixes.....Unfortunately nothing like that is being produced nowadays.
I add a bonus track from M.A.S. Collective mix one of my fav!!!

sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

Gerideau - Reaching

Great song released under L'Attitude Records in 1995. Main mixes done by Tommy Musto &
T-Empo. Gerideau is one of a few male singers with distinctive eight octave vocal range vocal.
His been around since early 90's and has claim his spot into the dance music charts.
Reaching (T-Empo Long Hot Summer Club Mix)
Reaching (Too Precious Mix)
Reaching (Tommy D's Rather Large Drop)
Reaching (Tommy D's Missing Link Dub)
Reaching (Tommy D's Crazy Hype Frenzy Cattle Truck Mix)
**Dedicate this post to Mark S a great blogger!!!

segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

Maxine Inniss - I Appreciate

The 2000's (in my opinion) is not a fortunate decade for house garage music. Lots of "crap" was made by the music industry and no effort to come up with good music has surfaced yet....givin the benifit of the doubt a few tracks(like this) has conquer a spot in this dark era where Beyoncé's Gaga's Britney's are what the music industry can offer...Thanks God my ears are sealed for that kind of music.
Released under Jellybean Soul in 2004 I was able to get a copy 4 days after its released.
Produced by George Mena, Marlon Duque and co-written by Maxine.
Maxine's vocals are lovely a truly diva indeed !!
I Appreciate (Vocal mix)
I Appreciate (Percapella Mix)