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Key To Life Feat.Kathleen Murphy - Find Our Way

This is what a truly garage house is!!!!!! Released in the mid 90's under Tommy Musto production and mix. Freak awesome vocal by Kathleen Murphy with mixes from Boris Dlugosch, Mousse T & Tommy Musto with his "Revival mix" overshadow all other mixes.
Back in 2008 Sub-Urban released a new mix from Muthafunkaz (which didn't go any where) most of the lyrics was left out turning the vocal mix into a "Dub" and a Dub into something even worse!!!
Find Our Way(Tommy's Revival Mix)
Find Our Way(Acapella Mix)
Find Our Way(Jazz Path Remix)
Find Our Way(Club Path Remix)

domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2010

Soul Solution - Can't Stop Love

Released under Jellybean Records in 1996 Soul Solution delivered one of his best work. Great vocal house. I still wonder why it was released with 2 Dubs tracks(useless) and just 1 Club mix?
A few years later I was given by a friend a cd compilation with some random unrealased mixes Can't Stop Love was one of them. It really brings down the house...awesome mix!!!
A white lable promo surfaced years later with some awful mixes from Laffin'...what a garbage!
Anyway, enjoy the post.

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Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who has been supporting this blog since it first started.
I still have two more posts to come....then I will take a break for a few weeks.
Hopefully to be back sometime in January.
Happy Holidays!!!

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Martha Wash - Come

Produced by Gary Haase this double pack comes with a great house and tribal mixes. Martha always give her best and this one is not an exception.
I first got a cd copy of it but then after listen to a few other mixes I had to get the 2x12 or else!!!
Mixes from Dancin Danny D, Hex Hector, Geroge Morel-Brian Bristol, Allister Whitehead are the main ones, though one of my fav is a tribal mix done by White Trash...indeed the best mix of this pack! The Danapella mix was part of 2x12 pack released in Germany.
Released in 1999 under Logic Records later 2001 a Dub promo was out which I did not see a purpose for that and rather not to comment......
Come (Brian Bristol / George Morel Groove On Mix)
Come (Hex Hector Maximum Room Mix)
Come (Hex Hector Minimal Room Mix)
Come (Allister Whitehead's Comin' Atcha Vocal Mix)
Come (Dan's Delerious Club Mix)
Come (The Danapella)
Come (White Trash Anthem Mix)

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Loni Clark - Rushing

Loni Clark delivers a great vocal house in one of her best work. Released first in 1993 under Nervous and AM:PM Records with mixes from CJ Mackintosh and Mood II Swing givin a classic touch to it.
A "Bump mix" of "Rushing" was on a B side of Loni's single U released under AM:PM 1993.
In 1997 Mindtrap lifted up the dance floor with a fierce Anthem mix(love this one!) Alix Alvarez did another mix of this track in 2001.
Enjoy !

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Patti LaBelle - Shoe Was On The Other Foot

God! I really miss when Tony Moran used to do good mixes.....This is one of his best work ever!
Patti's voice shines throughtout the whole song. A truly Diva hit! Stomping Vocals!! A Classic Anthem!!
Released under MCA Records in 1997.
Enjoy !
Shoe was on the other foot(Moran's Miss Patti Anthem)
Shoe was on the other foot(Moran's Underground Mix)

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Salomé De Bahia - Brasil

Paris-based Brazilian chanteuse Salomé de Bahia came to the international dancefloor via Bob Sinclair, the hip French producer and head of the cosmopolitan Yellow Productions label.
The spicy charm of Salomé de Bahia's feathered headdress and mile-wide smile comes through loud and clear on her second album, the vacation you can stick in your CD player that is Brasil. Seamlessly joined together with spoken word interludes and masterfully produced by Parisian hipster Bob Sinclair, the album incorporates a wide range of Brazilian flavors with a true disco attitude. This is dance music, and Brazil through the eyes of France, but it's organic if not authentic and electronica doesn't even enter the picture. Salomé herself is a brassy version of early Grace Jones with just a touch of Josephine Baker but hardly a hint of diva. Easygoing numbers like "Lanca Perfume" round out her character while her version of "Copacabana" yes, that "Copacabana" gives her a cheeky brush of camp that's entirely infectious. Most of the tunes here save "Brigitte Bardot," which is too bubbly for its own good are meaty, three of them coming from the songbook of Brazilian legend Jorge Ben. A full disco orchestra with sizeable chorus backs her up, keeping with the cabaret and revue upbringing that's the heart of de Bahia's style. Her Portuguese version of Stevie Wonder's "Another Star," "Outro Lugar," is the sparkling highlight, but "Taj Mahal," "Cada Vez," will all the keep the party alive. Brasil smiles at you, hands you a cold caipirinha, and winks at you with every twirl of its colorful skirt.

The full lenght album was released in 2005 under Tommy Boy Label.
Salomé De Bahia - Brasil rar.
1.Taj Mahal
2.País Tropical
3.Festa Para Um Rei Negro
4.Mas Que Nada
5.Lança Perfume
6.Fio Maravilha
8.Cada Vez
9.Brigitte Bardot
11.Mambo Bacan
12.Você Abusou
13.Bossa Rio
14.Outro Lugar

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Fuzion Ft. Nicole Wright - Beautiful

I'm not into the garage house that is being produced in the 00's but Fuzion has done such a great work in the past few years and this one is one of my fav!! Nicole's vocal is great unfortunately Fuzion did no other project with her.. I wonder why????
Released under Fuzion Records in 2005 with mixes from Soul Creation... later on a promo came out with mixes from Steve Stone and HUSH.
Original & Hush mixes are my favorites!
Hope you guys enjoy!!
Beautiful(Original mix)

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Miss Fernando - Octapussy

For the QUEENS ON DUTY!!! A "Masterpiece" of Progressive House. No wonder it was a huge hit back in 1998 when it was released under Progressive High records produced by Fernando Baez & Jack D Elliot with mixes from George B* and Saliva Commandos.
Indeed one of the best runway tracks ever released! Can't choose the best mix they are all good!
Enjoy and praise the QUEENS !!! :o)
Octapussy(Main mix)
Octapussy(Saliva Commandos Mix)
Octapussy(Spit Drums Mix)
***tracks from this post will only be available for a few days.

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Maxine Inniss - Standing Strong (Without You)

Another great song by Maxine Inniss. Born in Trinidad & Tobago and raised in Boston where she attended to Boston Conservatory of Music and Boston University College moving a few months after graduation to NYC where her professional singer career began.
"Standing Strong" was her second song released in 2005 under Fuzion Records 2 years after her smash hit "I Appreciate".
I was able to post a bonus track called "bring the rain" AMAZING TRACK ! a promo where never really got itself a proper release. Hopefully in a near future we will see more mixes of it.
Rumors says she is recording with Junior Vasquez although I have serious doubts about that.
Standing Strong(Main Mix)
Standing Strong(Fizion Peak Time Vocal)
Bring the Rain(Original mix)

domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

Donald Lawrence Pres The Tri-City Singers -Testify

One of the best productions by Junior Vasquez in the 90's! Tri-City Singers is one of the greatest American Gospel Group comprised by 34 members from South Caroline state who received several Stellar Awards.
"Testify" was released back in 2000 under Capital Records. A Must have track for all Gospel House addicted.
Testify(Junior's Sunday Morning Club Mix)
Testify(Junior's Padapella Mix)

segunda-feira, 18 de outubro de 2010

Saison feat. CeCe Penniston - Reminiscin

Funny the pic taken for this single is not Miss Peniston but Saison(Ella Mae Saison) a Filipino singer who also duet with CeCe Peniston.
Released under Holyfield's Real Deal Records & Orpheus Records back in 2001 with mixes from Matthias Heilbronn & Rick Pier O'Neal. It hit the spot thirthy on Billboard Hot Dance chart in August of the same year.
"Reminiscin" is not CeCe's best work tough worth listen like everything else she records. For those who loves CeCe's glamours classic vocal the LP version is great.
Reminiscin(RPO Vocal Mix)
Reminiscin(Matty's Soulflower Mix)
Reminiscin(Matty's II Deep Club Mix)
Reminiscin(LP Version Mix)

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Loveland - The Wonder of Love (Album)

One of the best album ever released having 6 tracks out of 11 got mixes. Produced by Mark Hadfield, Paul Taylor & Paul Waterman under Eastern Bloc Records back in 1995.
Rachel McFarlane was the lead and back vocal for all tracks with Miriam Stockely, May Mckenna, Lance Ellington, Weston Foster & Yvonne Shelthon as back vocalists.
In my opinion "if I only knew then what I know now" should have had mixes at that time.
Soon I will be posting the "Album Remix" with all Loveland "full on vocal" mixes.
Hope you guys enjoy!
1.The Wonder of Love
2.Let the Music(lift you up)
3.Don't make me Wait
4.All the Way
5. I need Somebody
6.If I only Knew Then waht I know Now
7.(Keep on)Shining
8.Stand Up
9.Shout it Out
10.Hope(never give up)
11.Let somebody love You
The Wonder of Love.rar

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MAW Feat. Xaviera Gold - Gonna Get Back To You

One of Masters at Work masterpiece. Vocaling speaking Xaviera has no match! She shines throughout the whole track. Powerful diva vocal for those who appreciate high range vocal.
Produced by Little Louis Vega under Esquire Records in 1992 back vocals by India & Lem Springsteen.
Unfortunately no double pack for this one.... Certainly it would have been amazing!!
Mixes are from Ken Lou, Mood II Swing & Frankie Knuckles.
Gonna Get Back To You (Ken Lou 12")
Gonna Get Back To You (Workin' It 12")
**my software program expired since I use a trial version to clean tracks from vinyl noise pop scratch. Getting a new soft by the end of this week...Sorry guys.

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Kathy Brow - Joy

Released under 3 lables Definity Records, Azuli, and D:vision Records back in 1999.
Produced by David Morales with mixes from BMR,The Sharp Boys, Boris Dlugosch, Lord G and David Morales.
Kathy has one of the best voices in the dance music industry. Strong and powerful Diva vocal a must to all house music lovers!
Joy(David Morales Classic Club mix)
Joy(Lord G Tribal Vox mix)
Joy(Eluded BMR Club mix)
Joy(DM Original Demo mix)
Joy(Boris D'lugosch & Michi Lange mix)

domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Nemah Ft Sonya Rogers & Angee Blake - Stand Up And Believe

(Sorry guys too busy with work I will try to post more often soon...)

Produced by Lenny Fontana for Down Under Productions and relased under Perception Records in 1998. Classic Garage tune with lovely vocals by Sonya Rogers and Angee Blake.
Enjoy !
Stand Up and Believe(Classic Vocal Mix)
Sand Up and Believe(Gospel Vocal Mix)

quinta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2010

Future Force - Puttin' A Rush On Me

Terry Simon did the lead vocals for this song along with Yvonne Gage and Robin Robinson as back vocalists. Mark Picchiotti Mixes have it all. All other mixes from A & G Division & Mentor are not as impressive though worth to listen.
Release under AM:PM record lable in 1996/1997
Puttin' a Rush on me(Mark's Epic Vocal mix)
Puttin' a Rush on me(Acapella)
Puttin' a Rush on me(A&G Full Vocal mix)
Puttin' a Rush on me(Full Vocal Mix)

segunda-feira, 2 de agosto de 2010

Club Freaks Ft Angel Williams- Looz Control

Another great vocal track sung by Angel Williams. She always delivers!!! Looz Control was Club Freak's second and last song. Released in 1998 under Certified Records with mixes from J.J. Flores, Roofe N'Ni Che and Mazi.
Looz Control(Boom Club mix)
Looz Control(Roffe N Ni Che Club Mix)

terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

Jocelyn Brown- Unreleased 1995-2005

The album is rich in funky beats and some catchy acoustic hooks. All fourteen tracks here are certainly aimed at the modern soul scene and a pleasure to listen to. Released under Digisoul label in 2006.
Backing Vocals by Connie Harvey, Oliver Cheatham, Robbie Craig, Tammariah Lewis, Wendell Morrison.
Enjoy !!
file in rar.
1.She'd Called
3.Find Someone to Love
4.That's Just Me
5.Not Yet
6.It's You
7.Real Thing
8.Hay You Over There
10.Don't Make a Mistake
11.Sweet Fine Baby
12.Vacation Time
13.I Love You
14.I Will Wait For You

terça-feira, 20 de julho de 2010

Club Freaks Ft Angel Williams - It Must Be Love

"It mus be Love" was Club Freaks first project released under 3 Record Lables: S3, Alabianca Records & UMM between 1995/96. Later they released in 1998 Looz Control once again with Miss Willliams as lead singer. Angel Williams has all the power to lift up any song she sings. Great vocal range.
"It mus be Love" had mixes from Kamsutra, Mitchell Dupre, Alex Neri.
It Must Be Love (Kama's Love Mix)
It Must Be Love (Alex Neri Dub)

domingo, 4 de julho de 2010

Dajae- Higher Power by REQUEST

I love this album. Unfortunately her best song(IMO) "higher power" was never released as a single.
Cajual Records did most of her releases back in the 90's including this album in 1994.
Higher Power
1. Higher Power
2. Brighter Days
3. Is It All Over My Face
4. Fakes & Phonies
5. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
6. Day By Day
7. U Got Me Up
8. Sarah Lee
9. The Other Side
10. Brighter Days: Cajmere's Underground Goodies Mix
11. U Got Me Up: Cajmere's Underground Goodies Mix
12. Is It All Over My Face: Green Velvet Crush Mix

File in rar.

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Clubland-Adventures Beyond Clubland Mixes & Dubs

A few requests have been sent out to my email to post some Clubland's track. I do like this group although I do not have any full lenght record of them.
Here is a compilation made by a dear friend of mine(Thanks Giba!!).
Hope you guys enjoy!
Vocals by Zemya Hamilton
Adventures Beyond Clubland Mixes & Dubs
1-Clubland-Love Strain(FX Reconlate Mix)
2-Clubland-Hold On(Briston Deep Dub)
3-Clubland-Set me Free(Full Length Timeless Classic)
4-Clubland-Hypnotized(PKA Full Philly Mix)
5-Clubland-Come Rain,Come Shine(12” Mix)
6-Clubland-Ride the Groove
7-Clubland-There I go Again
8-Clubland-Torture(in the name of love)
9-Clubland-Hold On(Died And Went To Heaven Mix)
10-Clubland-Set Me Free(Journey to Dubland)
11-Clubland-Love Strain(Higher Than Dub)
12-Clubland-Hypnotized(Full Timeless Mix)
13-Clubland-Hold On(Hurley’s House Mix)
14-Clubland-Set me Free(Classic Disco Radio)
15-Clubland-Gimme Love,Gimme All(Lee Marrow’s Club Mix)-Euro mix
File rar.

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Mijan-Save Your Soul

Released under 95 North Records back in 1998 another great track with Mijan on vocals. Mixes from 95 North and R.I.P. Productions. Listening to Mrs. Mijan singing is a bless and you can't go no wrong with this one! Lovely tune!!!
Save Your Soul (Vocal Mix)
Save Your Soul (R.I.P Vocal Mix)

sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

The Mack Vibe Ft Jaqueline-Mr. Meaner

The Mack Vibe Project had 4 songs released back in the 90's under Eightball Records with Jaqueline's debut as a lead singer. I would say Mr. Meaner was the best single from this project.
Mixes from Junior Vasquez , Danny Krivit & Darrin Friedman. Here are a set of the best mixes from these guys! I also include a Bonus mix from a Demo Version.
Mr. Meaner (Junior & Mack's "Treatment" Mix)
Mr. Meaner (Mis-De-Meanor) (DK With A Blade Mix)
Mr. Meaner (Spike Vocal)
Mr. Meaner (Spike Dub)
Mr. Meaner (Demo Version) (Bonus Track)

quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

Slippery People Ft Adeva - Wish I never Knew

I remember getting this cd copy in Boston from a DJ friend of mine. At first, I could not believe, one of my greatest diva had released a new single!!!!
Unfortunately, as far as I know this IS Adeva's last work in years. Released in 2004 as a Promo under Guidelines lable it was produced by Slippery People and backing vocal by Leroy Burgess.
This single tracks: Radio Edit, Original Mix(my fav), ***Ski Oakenfull Remix(very disappointed mix I prefer his work with Incognito), Album Mix( good mix).
Listen to Adeva's voice is a bless. Hope she comes with something new in a near future!
Wish I Never Knew(Album mix)
Wish I Never Knew(Original Mix)

quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010

Mass Syndicate Ft. SuSu Bobien - You Don't Know

One of SuSu's best performace !! It was first released under a few different lables back in 1998 Strictly Rhythm, FFRR & Airplane! Records with mixes from M.A.S. Collective, Jonathan Tedesco, Fun Kee Runners, The Beloved....... The 12" remix came along under Groovilicious in 1999 with mixes from Junior Vasquez and Mark Pichiotti . I miss the good old days when Mr. Vasquez used to do such great mixes.....Unfortunately nothing like that is being produced nowadays.
I add a bonus track from M.A.S. Collective mix one of my fav!!!

sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

Gerideau - Reaching

Great song released under L'Attitude Records in 1995. Main mixes done by Tommy Musto &
T-Empo. Gerideau is one of a few male singers with distinctive eight octave vocal range vocal.
His been around since early 90's and has claim his spot into the dance music charts.
Reaching (T-Empo Long Hot Summer Club Mix)
Reaching (Too Precious Mix)
Reaching (Tommy D's Rather Large Drop)
Reaching (Tommy D's Missing Link Dub)
Reaching (Tommy D's Crazy Hype Frenzy Cattle Truck Mix)
**Dedicate this post to Mark S a great blogger!!!

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Maxine Inniss - I Appreciate

The 2000's (in my opinion) is not a fortunate decade for house garage music. Lots of "crap" was made by the music industry and no effort to come up with good music has surfaced yet....givin the benifit of the doubt a few tracks(like this) has conquer a spot in this dark era where Beyoncé's Gaga's Britney's are what the music industry can offer...Thanks God my ears are sealed for that kind of music.
Released under Jellybean Soul in 2004 I was able to get a copy 4 days after its released.
Produced by George Mena, Marlon Duque and co-written by Maxine.
Maxine's vocals are lovely a truly diva indeed !!
I Appreciate (Vocal mix)
I Appreciate (Percapella Mix)

sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

95 North Ft Heather Rose - Unbelievable

As usual 95 North always delivers good stuff. Heather Rose soft vocal make this tune a must have to add to your collection. Released under K2 Recordings in 1999 I was blessed to get both 12" releases(Original & Remixes).
95 North couldn't handle the mixes to anyone better than Frankie Feliciano(I love this guy) one of the best music producer and mixer EVER!! He made this song UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
Unbelievable (Vocal Mix)
Unbelievable (Acapella Mix)
Unbelievable (Ricanstruction Vocal Mix)
Unbelievable (Ricanstruction Rose-a-pella)

quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

Ralphi Rosario Ft Donna Blakely- Do you like the way it Feels

One of the best records released under UC Music back in 1998 (out of business in 2001 ).
Donna Blakely shows why she is a truly Diva. Even tough she's gone but her music will always lift up every dance floor!!
The 12" Remixes was released in the same year with mixes from Trunkids, Johnny Fiasco and Lego.
I prefer Ralphi's Main mixes they are... Enjoy!

segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

Filthy Rich Ft. Carole Sylvan - Feeling Happy

Carole Sylvan one of the most recognizable voices in house music, singer & songwriter team up with Filthy Rich under Kult Label back in 1998 to relased this nice pack of mixes.
Castelli's mix in particular shines brightly with a soul filled Garage touch while Johan Brunkvist's vocal mix leads to a House side.
Feeling Happy (Vocal Mix)
Feeling Happy (Castelli & Takabayashi Vocal)

terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

J. D. Braithwaite - Ready To Love

Among a few good songs including a great cover of "Give me the night" from Mr. Braithwaite this one I like best. Released under Caus-N-ff-cf in 1998 with mixes from Slam Da Stack , Samir Maslo & Kiko Navarro(more of a Dub mix). Enjoy !
Ready For Love (Samir Maslo Remix)
Ready For Love (Slam Da Stack's Phat Mix)

sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

Michelle Wilson - Never Ending Source Of Love

One of the best songs from Mrs. Wilson. Unortunately we hear much of her lately... I believe her last work was "Love Connection" in 2002 (not her best!) IMO the reason this single did not take off was because the awful mixes from Axwell.
"Never Ending Source of Love " was released under 2 lables back in 1995. Waako Records had mixes from Gio & Keith Kemper & Troy Parrish & a Dub from Angel Moraes while Hole Records had an exclusively mixes from Ivan Iacobucci . I gather the best mixes to post.
The Source of Love never Ends....
Enjoy !
Never Ending Source Of Love (Troy's Sugar Babies Remix)

Never Ending Source Of Love (Ivan Classic Mix)
Never Ending Source Of Love (Ivan Club Mix)
Never Ending Source Of Love (Ivans Funk-ulo Mix)

segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010

Celebrating 1 year !!!

I have now passed my first year as a blogger and it has been such a great experience. This blog was born out of many requests that I got from friends who share the same taste in music.
I'm glad to be able to bring back some good memories for those who lived in the 90's & early 00's when the truly house music was made.
I would like to thank all the visitors, followers and "leechers" for all the support.
My plan is to continue for one more year and see what happen. The thoughts about turning this blog into private still in my head.....
Hope you guys enjoy what's being post. Have fun and feel free to request.

quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

GTS Ft.Melodie Sexton - Brand New World (All Mixes)

Another great release by GTS with Melodie Sexton on vocals. Actually she is the lead vocal for this project. Most singles or compilations ever released by GTS has her voice. She's such a great singer. A truly DIVA !
This time I can't pick one mix I like best. I love them all !!!
I would advise to you all that anything mixed by DJ Turbo is worth getting !!!
Released under Artimage Vinyls 1998 produced by DJ Turbo, Gee, Satoshi Hidaka.
Enjoy !

domingo, 7 de março de 2010

Full Frequency Ft.Ursula - He Watches Me

Very strong Gospel styled NJ vocal house with a great piano work mixed by DJ Don Juan and Darryl Sanders. Released back in 2002 under Bumpin City Records. Ursula's vocals sound very much alike Dajaé it makes me wonder who is the real singer of this track????? Dajaé aka Ursula??? I'll let you guys find out!
Have fun and enjoy another great tune!
He Watches Me (Juan's Original Mix)
He Watches Me (Daryl's 2 AM Mix)
He Watches Me (Jason's Smooth Mix)

quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

Judy Albanese - Love's Here (At Last) BY REQUEST!!

I was never into this track that much(tough some of you will love it) luckly before give this double 12" pack away I saved the vocal mixes a few years ago in one of mine external HDs.
Released in 1996 under Maxi Records.
Love's Here (At Last) (Disciple's Bumpin' Vocal)
Love's Here (At Last) (Kupper's Sweet Vocal)
Love's Here (At Last) (Avila's San Fran Vocal)
Love's Here (At Last) (Kupper's Vocalicious Dub)

quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Prospect Park Featuring Carolyn Harding - E.S.P

A solid production by Dave Lee Aka Joey Negro released under his own lable Z Records in 1999 Remixed by Gianni Bin , Paolo Martini . Carolyn Harding did vocals for the same project 2 year before singing the smash hit "Movin' on".
Mrs. Harding can deliver anything she put her voice to it. She really sings with her heart and soul!!! Love her!!
E.S.P(Original Mix)
E.S.P(Bini & Martin Club Mix)

sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2010

Reel Soul Ft Carolyn Harding - This Love We've Found

Bobby Guy & Ernie Lake. Aliases: Reel Soul, So Pure!, Soul Solution did quite good house music back in the 90's.
"This Love we've Found" had 2 releases under Ultra Records 1996 (Fire Island Vocal and Original mixes) 1997 Farley & Heller Remixes. Other mixes was done by Todd Terry and H.D'Koen tough not worth posting.
Powerful voclas by Carolyn Harding(check the Carolynapella mix) and back vocalists Antoinette Roberson & Darryl D'Bonneau
This Love We've Found (Club Vocal mix)
This Love We've Found (Carolynapella)
This Love We've Found (Fire Island Vocal)
This Love We've Found (Fire Island Drummer Voice mix)

terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2010

J-Reverse* vs. Lisa Millett - Natural High 2x12"

Lovely vocal track done by J-Reverse aka Black Legend (r.n. Ciro Sasso) released in 2001 under Rise lable this double pack has the Originals plus the Deepswing mixes I just love it!! Can't thank enough my friend Austin who gave it to me back in 2003.
The "Percapella" track is one of my favorites from this pack. Mrs. Millett delivers a great vocal performace. A must have track for all Lisa's fans.
The Deepswing mixes has all the vibe to lift up every dance floor !!! The Extended version has a latin touch while the Club mix take you to a bit of disco vibe.
Natural High (Extended Version)
Natural High (Club Mix)
Natural High (Percapella)
Natural High (Deepswing's Bonus Vocal Mix)
Natural High (Deepswing's Funky Stomper Vocal Mix)

terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010

Dino & Terry Ft. Alana Bridgewater - In His Power

One of my fav Gospel House track "In his Power". The twin producers Dino & Terry team up with Canadian singer/songwriter Alana Bridgewater to deliver a powerful tune.Tough it was not her first project with Dino & Terry Alana did vocal a year before(2002) for "Can You See My Soul".
"In his Power" was released in 2003 under Crash Records.

sexta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2010

Patti Austin - Reach

Today I woke up with this song banggin' on my head. After spent a few hours looking for it I finally found it hidden in a box where I used to keep my old laptop. Why it was there????? The answer did not cross my mind yet.
I was never really into Patti Austin's a matter of fact this is the only 12" I have from her. The DUB MIX is the best! Tough I'm not into Dubs this one is more like a dub-vocal mix.
Released under GRP lable in 1994 and Remixed by Hex Hector and I a friend of mine Darrin Friedman from Boston who spins at Avalon Night Club in Massachusetts.