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quarta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2010

Key To Life Feat.Kathleen Murphy - Find Our Way

This is what a truly garage house is!!!!!! Released in the mid 90's under Tommy Musto production and mix. Freak awesome vocal by Kathleen Murphy with mixes from Boris Dlugosch, Mousse T & Tommy Musto with his "Revival mix" overshadow all other mixes.
Back in 2008 Sub-Urban released a new mix from Muthafunkaz (which didn't go any where) most of the lyrics was left out turning the vocal mix into a "Dub" and a Dub into something even worse!!!
Find Our Way(Tommy's Revival Mix)
Find Our Way(Acapella Mix)
Find Our Way(Jazz Path Remix)
Find Our Way(Club Path Remix)

domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2010

Soul Solution - Can't Stop Love

Released under Jellybean Records in 1996 Soul Solution delivered one of his best work. Great vocal house. I still wonder why it was released with 2 Dubs tracks(useless) and just 1 Club mix?
A few years later I was given by a friend a cd compilation with some random unrealased mixes Can't Stop Love was one of them. It really brings down the house...awesome mix!!!
A white lable promo surfaced years later with some awful mixes from Laffin'...what a garbage!
Anyway, enjoy the post.

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Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who has been supporting this blog since it first started.
I still have two more posts to come....then I will take a break for a few weeks.
Hopefully to be back sometime in January.
Happy Holidays!!!

segunda-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2010

Martha Wash - Come

Produced by Gary Haase this double pack comes with a great house and tribal mixes. Martha always give her best and this one is not an exception.
I first got a cd copy of it but then after listen to a few other mixes I had to get the 2x12 or else!!!
Mixes from Dancin Danny D, Hex Hector, Geroge Morel-Brian Bristol, Allister Whitehead are the main ones, though one of my fav is a tribal mix done by White Trash...indeed the best mix of this pack! The Danapella mix was part of 2x12 pack released in Germany.
Released in 1999 under Logic Records later 2001 a Dub promo was out which I did not see a purpose for that and rather not to comment......
Come (Brian Bristol / George Morel Groove On Mix)
Come (Hex Hector Maximum Room Mix)
Come (Hex Hector Minimal Room Mix)
Come (Allister Whitehead's Comin' Atcha Vocal Mix)
Come (Dan's Delerious Club Mix)
Come (The Danapella)
Come (White Trash Anthem Mix)

sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010

Loni Clark - Rushing

Loni Clark delivers a great vocal house in one of her best work. Released first in 1993 under Nervous and AM:PM Records with mixes from CJ Mackintosh and Mood II Swing givin a classic touch to it.
A "Bump mix" of "Rushing" was on a B side of Loni's single U released under AM:PM 1993.
In 1997 Mindtrap lifted up the dance floor with a fierce Anthem mix(love this one!) Alix Alvarez did another mix of this track in 2001.
Enjoy !