sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2009

Soulswitch Ft Meli'sa Morgan-Believe in Yourself

Once again Yellorange Lable delivers a good vocal track with Mrs. Morgan on vocals. She truly gave her best like she did on her last work (previous posted) "Don't say Love"
Produced by Tony Humphries,Davidson Ospina working on the Drums Programming and Lenny Underwood on Keyboards there is nothing more to say but listen to this brilliant work! It's one of my all time favorite tracks!!!
Everyone should... BELIEVE IN YOURSELF !!
Believe In Yourself (Piano Switch)
Believe In Yourself (The "Dream Come True" Remix)

segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009

LaTasha Jordan's EP

LaTasha Spencer Jordan has sang for a few dance projects and also did some back vocals for lots of well known singers such as Mariah Carey, George Michael, Boy 2 Men, Deborah Cox, Celine Dion... I decided to post a few songs I ripped out of my vinyl collection. They are from the following projects:
B.O.P (2003), Pray For More(2005) & The Heclectic(1999)
Praise him 2 Nite(B.O.P. Soul Delicious Vocal Mix)
Breaking Away(7th District Original Mix)
Found a Cure(Classic Mix)

quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009

Key West Ft Erik- Looks Like I'm In Love Again

Produced and arranged by Stock and Waterman back in 1993 when classic house music was hitting the dance floors!!! God!!!I do miss those days............. I had this cd maxi single with 6 versions though I can't seemed to find it. Fortunately, I had done some back up of my favorites versions out of my 90's Cds collection. The "Finger Poppin' Good 12 Inch Mix" remixed by West End is indeed the best of what u can get out of this single. Hope you all like it!
Looks Like I'm In Love Again (Finger Poppin' Good 12 Inch)