sábado, 12 de setembro de 2009

Midnight Express Ft. Sabrina Johnston - Freedom

Released in 1998 under Yellorange Records having Sabrina Johnston as lead vocalist and back vocals by Eddie Stockley , Kenny Bobien , La Tric Verreh, Sabrina Johnston. Produced by Tony Humphries and mixes by Davey Gold & Basement Boys.
Sabrina does a brillant vocal work on this track with a lovely piano tune and uplifting back vocals . A must have track for all Garage Music Lovers!!
Freedom (Classic "12" B. Boy Style Remix)
Freedom (Extended Vocal Club Mix)

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  1. Hi Wagner, this is great!

    A big fan of this label Yellorange ;-)

  2. Thanks, had this on 12" myself. The Yellorage material is hard to find on MP3. This label was IMPORTANT and must NOT be forgotten. More please!!!

  3. I believe I have another tune from this lable if I manage to find it I will rip and post.

  4. I keep finding more Sabrina Johnston tracks in my collection. Remember "Reasons?"

  5. "Reasons" was a great song but someone has already posted it in another blog I only post what I don't see around....

  6. I'm not able to download.
    "This file is currently set to private."