sábado, 19 de dezembro de 2009

Full Flava - Colour of my Soul

Another delightful Cd released in 2003 under Dome Records. Not much to say about any of the vocalists.... they are simply GREAT!
1-"Stories" (feat Carleen Anderson)
2-"Round & Round" (feat Romina Johnson)
3-"Make It Right" (feat Donna Odain)
4-"Love Holds No Limit" (feat Beverlei Brown)
5-"Nature Boy" (feat Hazel Fernandes)
6-"Perfect Love" (feat Alison Limerick)
7-"For My Baby" (feat Ce Ce Peniston)
8-"You Are" (feat Carleen Anderson)
9-"I'm Not Giving Up (This Feeling)" (feat Alison Limerick)
10-"I Think About Him" (feat Ce Ce Peniston)
11-"Colour Of My Soul" (feat Donna Gardier)

Full Flava - Colour of my Soul .zip format

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