domingo, 27 de junho de 2010

Clubland-Adventures Beyond Clubland Mixes & Dubs

A few requests have been sent out to my email to post some Clubland's track. I do like this group although I do not have any full lenght record of them.
Here is a compilation made by a dear friend of mine(Thanks Giba!!).
Hope you guys enjoy!
Vocals by Zemya Hamilton
Adventures Beyond Clubland Mixes & Dubs
1-Clubland-Love Strain(FX Reconlate Mix)
2-Clubland-Hold On(Briston Deep Dub)
3-Clubland-Set me Free(Full Length Timeless Classic)
4-Clubland-Hypnotized(PKA Full Philly Mix)
5-Clubland-Come Rain,Come Shine(12” Mix)
6-Clubland-Ride the Groove
7-Clubland-There I go Again
8-Clubland-Torture(in the name of love)
9-Clubland-Hold On(Died And Went To Heaven Mix)
10-Clubland-Set Me Free(Journey to Dubland)
11-Clubland-Love Strain(Higher Than Dub)
12-Clubland-Hypnotized(Full Timeless Mix)
13-Clubland-Hold On(Hurley’s House Mix)
14-Clubland-Set me Free(Classic Disco Radio)
15-Clubland-Gimme Love,Gimme All(Lee Marrow’s Club Mix)-Euro mix
File rar.

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  1. Fantastic, simply fantastic, great job, thanks to share this precious cd. Thanks very much. Brazilian Djs thanks.

  2. love them too,i have a few of them but this pack is fantastic,thanks

  3. This is awesome. I stumbled on this blog by accident. Respect from Australia!