terça-feira, 20 de julho de 2010

Club Freaks Ft Angel Williams - It Must Be Love

"It mus be Love" was Club Freaks first project released under 3 Record Lables: S3, Alabianca Records & UMM between 1995/96. Later they released in 1998 Looz Control once again with Miss Willliams as lead singer. Angel Williams has all the power to lift up any song she sings. Great vocal range.
"It mus be Love" had mixes from Kamsutra, Mitchell Dupre, Alex Neri.
It Must Be Love (Kama's Love Mix)
It Must Be Love (Alex Neri Dub)

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  1. welcome Mark S. I will post the sencond "Looz Control" next post

  2. can't wait for the complete collection! thanks for sharing these amazing tracks