quinta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2010

Kathy Brow - Joy

Released under 3 lables Definity Records, Azuli, and D:vision Records back in 1999.
Produced by David Morales with mixes from BMR,The Sharp Boys, Boris Dlugosch, Lord G and David Morales.
Kathy has one of the best voices in the dance music industry. Strong and powerful Diva vocal a must to all house music lovers!
Joy(David Morales Classic Club mix)
Joy(Lord G Tribal Vox mix)
Joy(Eluded BMR Club mix)
Joy(DM Original Demo mix)
Joy(Boris D'lugosch & Michi Lange mix)

5 comentários:

  1. My favourite house remixer: David Morales.

  2. the morales club mix is brilliant,thanks so much
    one of the best morales mixes so far

  3. Very nice use of EWF sample (wonder how much they payed for clearance, lol), thanks!

  4. thx, but the files are set to private. could you please make them available