domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2010

Soul Solution - Can't Stop Love

Released under Jellybean Records in 1996 Soul Solution delivered one of his best work. Great vocal house. I still wonder why it was released with 2 Dubs tracks(useless) and just 1 Club mix?
A few years later I was given by a friend a cd compilation with some random unrealased mixes Can't Stop Love was one of them. It really brings down the house...awesome mix!!!
A white lable promo surfaced years later with some awful mixes from Laffin'...what a garbage!
Anyway, enjoy the post.

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  1. thanks so much now that you remind me of soul solution any chance that you have find a way remixes i loved that one back in the day it has huge diva vocal,but i don't remember who she was
    i only have a club mix but very short

  2. now that i hear this acapella i think it's the same singer ,who is she?

  3. bee bop a diddle little diddle dit I think that vocalist is fierce, child! The Tunnel Dub of Find A Way is FIYAH!

  4. hey, I found this 4 u . . .

  5. Hi, I just joined the Blog and was very interested in the unreleased mix of Can't Stop Love. It seems to be set to "private"

    Did you know that this song was written by David Morales? That is what is listed on my 12" jacket.

    Thanks very much and great BLOG!! :)

  6. It´s private. Admin, can you repost, pleasew Tks

  7. all 3 trax missing, worth a new upload? please