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BJ Crosby - Find your Way

BJ Crosby is a native New Orleans entertainer who began her career in the Baptist Church of New Orleans. BJ has won numerous awards for her soulful singing style. Critics have described her as "unbelievably talented and an exciting performer" with a vocal range that is "phenomenal"(www.aframnews.com).
Her voice speaks for her self. She is indeed a bless to all gospel house lovers. The Queen of Gospel!!!! Mrs Crosby takes you to the next level to show how a great gosple vocal house should be sang !!

Backing Vocals by Michelle Weeks, Carole Sylvan,Lee Smith Jr. & BJ Crosby.
"Find your Way" was released under two major records lables in 1995 Bullet & Azuli where in 1996 it got a Remix release done by Heller & Farley.

High peak mixes: Club, Sunday Voices, Deep Long.
Enjoy !!!
Find Your Way(Club Mix)
Find Your Way(Bare Bone Mix)
Find Your Way(Sunday Voices Mix)
Find Your Way(Allen Jeffrey's Funky People Mix)
Find Your Way(Allen Jeffrey's Work it Vocal Mix)
Find Your Way(Fire Island Deep Long Mix)
Find Your Way(Fire Island Sweet Short Mix)
Find Your Way(Guy's Journey Mix)
Find Your Way(Million Man March Mix)
**Mixes Available for Limited Time

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  1. Fire Island mixes oh yeah!

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  3. Welcome guys! I still have 2 more songs of her to be released soon!!

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