sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011

Nu Civilization Ft. Andrea Tafuri - You Are

Tafuri used to do such great songs in the past lately she's not of her can be found. Her last released "You won't ever Leave"(2007) under Eddie Baez mixes and production was something to be forgotten... Hopefully in a future she brings back her lovely voice in a decent house tune.
Nu Civilization "You Are" was released as a single in 1994 under Permanent Records which was also featured in 1993 a Nu Civilization album compilation.
Enjoy !
You Are(Club Mix)
You Are(Original Demo Version)
You Are(Beat-A-Pella)

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  1. Glenn Toby did some great tracks with Victor Simonelli back in the 90's. This has to be one of those tracks for sure!

    Great to listen to them again too :)

  2. Well, not the happiest way of digitalizing a vinyl. Starting with a 100% noise, then distortion all over the track. Some cheezy auto level control, no excuse for that in any way. The turntable doesn't deserve this. But you sure know how to do it right, most of your tracks were OK, thank you for that. Sorry, not in the mood today.

  3. Victo's touch makes a difference...
    Thanks Mark !

  4. Thank you - I love your blog so much!

  5. absolutely Wonderful