segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2012

M.A.S. Collective Ft SuSu Bobien– Stand Up 2X12'

Great production by M.A.S. Collective released under Airplane Records in 1999. Mixes from M.A.S Collective, Andrea T. Mendoza, Stefano Greppi, Molstosugo,Cassani & Delaiti. Back vocals by CeCe Roger and SuSu Bobien.
Enjoy !
Stand Up (Moltosugo Club Remix)
Stand Up (Andrea T. Mendoza Remix)
Stand Up (Enrico Delaiti Retro Mix)
Stand Up (Stefano Greppi Mix)
Stand Up(M.A.S.Collective Club Mix)

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  1. THANK YOU to my favorite blogger!
    It's SO good!

  2. please i'm looking for inner city watcha gonna do with my lovin, all frankie knuckles and david morales remixes. can you do something for my desesperate soul....;)

  3. Teh Andrea Mendoza Mix is just amazing Bro. So much Memories is this bringing back

  4. Hi francis you will find it here.

  5. please mixes from elvis crespo- wow flash
    obadam & pablo flores remixes
    U can help me????

  6. please, please, please, i'm desperately looking for the tony humphries remixes from "sugarcubes" 's "leash called love" and all knuckles and morales remixes from "inner city" 's "watcha gonna do with my lovin". Who 's in the eart can help me...;)

  7. thanks a lot for your answer, but i'm looking for the dub and instrumental remixes from inner city's watcha gonna do...rarer versions

  8. thanks for posting this release love it ...