segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2012

Inner Soul Ft Sonya Rogers - Report to the Floor

Released under Jellybean Recordings back in 1996 produced & mixed by Paul Scott & Shank Thompson for B.O.P Etertainment.
1996 was a great year for Jellybean Recordings where it released a few nice projects such as Pulse, Xodus, Shade of Rhapsody and many others...

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  1. Red zone is only rip in stereo, rest is sadly ripped in mono :(

  2. Too bad isn't it??? Try they probably have a better quality!

  3. Mr. Fierce Diva - lol

    I always look forward to your updates! I hope you are having a great summer (almost) so far!!

  4. Great track, great year for Jellybean. Thank you!