domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

Moodlife Ft. Sonya & CeCe Rogers-Movin' On 2X12" Mixes

Produced and arranged by MAS Collective & Ce Ce Rogers this double vinyl set includes mixes from Louis Benedetti, Tommy Musto and Stephan Mandrax.
Sonya and Ce Ce Rogers with their church background roots spread a true gosple feeling to this tune!!!
Movin' On (Club Live Mix)
Movin' On (Tommy Musto Club Mix)
Movin' On (Lou's Clapapella)
Movin' On (Lou's Classic Vocal Mix)
Movin' On (M.A.S. Dub Vocal Mix)
Movin' On (Mandrax & Mousse T. Just Do A Kickin' Mix)

*** I left out mixes from Jay-J & Fathers of Sound...not worth posting.