segunda-feira, 31 de agosto de 2009

Lenny Fontana Ft Angee Blake - Reach for the Sky

I got a copy of this promo back in 2002 in NYC while shopping up and down on 43rd Street. Then got robbed by an ex-roomate so had to get a second copy and at this time I got the 2x12". This song was first released in 1996 under Centrestage Records then again 1997 under Free Bass Records and at last in 2001 by Records of Interest. Since the promo did not say who was the singer it took me a while to find out that was Angee Blake on vocals.
If anyone want to purchase I advise the 2x12" it comes with some great mixes... Oh ! I just post them lol !!
***Kiko Navarro's and Lenny's are the best mixes indeed!
Reach For The Sky (Kiko's Jazzin' Flamingo Mix)
Reach For The Sky (Soulcamp Remix)
Reach For The Sky (Lenny's Vocal Club Dub)

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  1. Great song! I couldn't find this before this... tried to buy it! Love, love Angee. Thank you greatly :-) See you on the forum soon!!! Beatz

  2. Thanks Cory for taking part of this blog!! I will have a surprise song post from Angee coming up in October. Stay Tune!!!

  3. Thanks for posting. Never heared this record before, it's AMAZING!!!

  4. I think I'm gonna love these tracks. Thanks so much for an upload for these! Sorry to hear that about you being robbed by an ex-roommate.

  5. thank you very much!!!

  6. Would you have this Rebekah Ryan - You Lift Me Up (Lenny Fontana Uplifting Vocal Mix)