sábado, 16 de janeiro de 2010

B.O.P Feat. BJ Crosby - Thinkin' About You

BJ Crosby is a native New Orleans entertainer who began her career in the Baptist Church of New Orleans. BJ has won numerous awards for her soulful singing style. Critics have described her as "unbelievably talented and an exciting performer" with a vocal range that is "phenomenal". To add to her credits, BJ was nominated for an Olivier Award as best actress in a musical for her role in Smokey Joe's Cafe - London Production
B.O.P worked with her back in 1997 where it was released under Sub-Urban Lable. Her vocal range can be compared to Jennifer Holliday and Michelle Weeks(if not even better) I would say.
For those who have never heard about this lady it's time to open up your hears and listen to this amaizing voice!! God bless her. I hope she did recover well from a stroke she suffered in mid- June of 2008.

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  1. Props from this! I will definitely enjoy both of these tracks!

  2. please please re-up this one
    "Thinkin' About You (The T.M. Perspective)"

  3. Sorry it might had been a problem with Mediafire. Thanks to point that out. The track is back.
    I have most of her stuff it will be post soon. Stay Tune.

  4. thank you a lot Wagner

    I would appreciate those one :

    Thinkin'About You (T.M. Bonus Beat)
    Thinkin' About You (B.O.P. Dub Mix)