sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2010

Brotherhood of Soul - I'll be Right There

About 10 years ago I was given a cd compilation by a dear friend of mine which featured this track. The next thing I remembered I was out on the streets look to buy the 12" where I was lucky enough to get a copy of it at the first music store I set my foot in.
Once again Roger S. did a great job by mixing and producing this wonderful project. He gathered the best 3 males dance music vocalists to sing such an amazing track. Very piano and uplifting lyrics. For those who love the garage gospel vibe you can't go wrong with this one !!
Released in 1995/96 under 2 different lables Narcotic and Strictly Rhythm records tough can't recall at this point who released it first.....
I'll Be Right There (Roger's Brotherhood Mix)
I'll Be Right There (Dreamapella)
I'll Be Right There(Underground Network Mix)
I'll Be Right There (Hardtimes Mix)
I'll Be Right There(Roger's Bass Hit Mix)

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  1. Thanks!!
    The link for the bass hit mix is wrong.

  2. Thanks for point that out my mistake...link fixed enjoy!

  3. Touches that little special spot...


  4. I agree with Assjack it did touch... what a vocal bless!!

  5. brotherhood of soul...big thx! just heard it this weekend