sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2010

Reel Soul Ft Carolyn Harding - This Love We've Found

Bobby Guy & Ernie Lake. Aliases: Reel Soul, So Pure!, Soul Solution did quite good house music back in the 90's.
"This Love we've Found" had 2 releases under Ultra Records 1996 (Fire Island Vocal and Original mixes) 1997 Farley & Heller Remixes. Other mixes was done by Todd Terry and H.D'Koen tough not worth posting.
Powerful voclas by Carolyn Harding(check the Carolynapella mix) and back vocalists Antoinette Roberson & Darryl D'Bonneau
This Love We've Found (Club Vocal mix)
This Love We've Found (Carolynapella)
This Love We've Found (Fire Island Vocal)
This Love We've Found (Fire Island Drummer Voice mix)

3 comentários:

  1. A few years ago i stumbled across this track & immediately thought this had some connection with Will "Reelsoul" Rodriguez.

    I now know that isn't the case.

    Carolyn Harding always delivers!

  2. She is Fierce!! I'm proud to say I have almost everything she released!! I will be posting some of her great music !! God bless her!