sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

95 North Ft Heather Rose - Unbelievable

As usual 95 North always delivers good stuff. Heather Rose soft vocal make this tune a must have to add to your collection. Released under K2 Recordings in 1999 I was blessed to get both 12" releases(Original & Remixes).
95 North couldn't handle the mixes to anyone better than Frankie Feliciano(I love this guy) one of the best music producer and mixer EVER!! He made this song UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
Unbelievable (Vocal Mix)
Unbelievable (Acapella Mix)
Unbelievable (Ricanstruction Vocal Mix)
Unbelievable (Ricanstruction Rose-a-pella)

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  1. This is nice, thanks for sharing. Never heard this before, so thanks for posting!

    I agree Frankie Feliciano is a great producer, so much of his work is worthy of a blog tribute perhaps? ;)

  2. Hey Mark,
    I do agree with you he DOES need a blog tribute Frankie,Mark Picchiotti,Grant Nelson and Victor Simonelli are GODS!!!
    Thanks for your support!!

  3. Vocal House Lover29 de abril de 2010 08:30

    I love Frankie! Thank you very much for sharing, I didn't hear this track before too, so thank you very very much.

  4. Hello Soul brothers and sisters...
    What a wonderful place this is..house music.the real deal :)

    Re: Frankie Feliciano - here is one of my favourite sets of his, even though low quality and posted in 2004 it's all FF, try it out for yourselves.


    Much Love!

  5. Didn't like the vocal mix too much, but those Ricanstruction Mixes were HOT!!! Thanks for the upload!

  6. Ricanstriction = yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees !! thx

  7. i'm sorry i got here to late but i'm really glad your keeping this style alive! in a world where people think noisey autotuned beyonce vocals pass for talent!