segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

Maxine Inniss - I Appreciate

The 2000's (in my opinion) is not a fortunate decade for house garage music. Lots of "crap" was made by the music industry and no effort to come up with good music has surfaced yet....givin the benifit of the doubt a few tracks(like this) has conquer a spot in this dark era where Beyoncé's Gaga's Britney's are what the music industry can offer...Thanks God my ears are sealed for that kind of music.
Released under Jellybean Soul in 2004 I was able to get a copy 4 days after its released.
Produced by George Mena, Marlon Duque and co-written by Maxine.
Maxine's vocals are lovely a truly diva indeed !!
I Appreciate (Vocal mix)
I Appreciate (Percapella Mix)

3 comentários:

  1. One of my faves, excellent production by George Mena & Marlon D.

    Bumpin' Bass mix was a great version aswell as the one posted. (Vocal Mix)

    No more rainy days! :)

  2. Yes Mark the Bumpin Mix is nice unfortunately my record has a big scratch on that track due a drunk fella who fell on my turn-table a few year ago.
    No more raining days... lots of good stuff coming up as I will have some days off to rip a few vinyls kept in my case.. stay TUNE!!

  3. what a nice track that all will appereciate
    no more rainy days .......