segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Spike - So In Luv

Produced by Darrin Friedman back in 1999 with Pamela Mitchell (vocals) and Barrelhouse J. M. (raps). Spike project debut in 1998 with "Respect" releasing it's full album in 1999.
Mixes done by Kamasutra, Joe T. Vannelli and few others....
Enjoy !
So In Luv(Club Mix)
So In Luv (Kamasutra Extended Mix)
So in Luv(Joe T. Vannelli Attak Vocal Mix)

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  1. thanks again :) kamasutra is the mix for me here. liking the jtv mix also, only it reminds me too much of that big house hit which name escapes me at the moment with virtually the same strings.

  2. Hi there

    Any chance of a re-up of the joe t vanelli mix.

    Many thanks