quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012

Vernessa Mitchell Feat.Rickey Dillard's New G. - Higher

Vernessa Mitchell shines again with a superb gospel tune relased under Steve Silk Hurley back in 1999.
Junior Vasquez also mixed in 2000 with his "Junior's Sunday Morning Marathon Mix" but I still prefer the classic versions from Mr.Silk Hurley indeed the best ones !!!
I also include 2 bonus tracks " Higer Demo Mix" and "Took my Life" Vasquez Lush Reprise mix. 
If you guys are wondering how I got these two mixes... I'd say I have my sources :-)
Enjoy !!
Higher (Silk's Original 12" Mix)
Higher (Silk's Intro Reprise)
Higher (Silk's Journey To Heaven)
Higher (Junior's Sunday Morning Marathon)
Higher (Demo Mix)
Took my Life Vasquez Lush Reprise Mix

4 comentários:

  1. great stuff :) silk's the man and so are you for uploading this great stuff. unfortunately "higher demo mix" is not available - reup please?

  2. thanks a lot for the fix, much appreciated :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wow thanks for bringing this to light. And It's Sunday morning here, perfect timing. Love the Demo and Journey to Heaven mixes best, but all are great. Massive Love to you