segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2009

Alison Limerick - With a Twist album

Released in 1994 under BMG UK & Ireland lable. Where producers such as Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Tim Bran and John Waddell did a great job. Unfortunately only 2 singles came out of this album(as I can recall) Love come Down & Time of our Lives .
The Japanese version had 2 bonus tracks :
Time Of Our Lives (War Dance)
Make It On My Own (Cheese Factory Mix)
Link: With a Twist
1. Time Of Our Lives
2. Love Come Down
3. Twisted
4. No Way Out
5. Crime To Be That Cool
6. So Long
7. Sentimental
8. Buck The System
9. Take It Back1
10. Let's Just Pretend
11. Build Your Love
12. Unique1
13. Come Home

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  1. another amazing album,thanks so much

  2. welcome.. more to come!! thanks for checking my blog...

  3. Didn't know this one. Big thanks

  4. I have a TON of AL...but not this. Amazing!

  5. Thank you! For sharing the wonderful Alison Limerick - she is so hard to find, and all the other beautiful music! A thousand thank yous for HOUSE music.