terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2009

Juliet Roberts - Natural Thing

Juliet´s first solo album released in 1994 under Cooltempo lable including "Free Love" (1993), "Caught In The MiddleAgain (1994) and "I Want You" (1994), the latter her first US chart entry. In my opinion Again was one of the best track of this album it was featured on I Want You 2x12 pack Again(3AM mix) & Again (D-Corp Club Mix).
I added a bonus Acapella track of Free Love.. Enjoy it!!
1-I Want You (7" Edit)
2-Caught In The Middle
3-Free Love (7" Classic Mix)
4-Tell Me
5-Force Of Nature
6-Save It
8-Natural Thing
10-Eyes Of A Child

8 comentários:

  1. One of my favourite vocalists in the 90's. It was a good album too.

  2. thanks u ,i didn't have the album yet,i'd like to have al the mixes from all the singles she took from this album but i'm still missin a lot of them .thanks so much for this

  3. I downloaded the file. The tracks 1 and 3 are missing.

  4. hhhhmmm memories I dug up my bins and found it. thanx for the reminder

  5. Have I mentioned you are a GAWD? You are!

  6. hey, thanks so much for this!
    just wondering if anyone knows where to find the 2 tracks on the european pressing of the album, "someone like you" and "life goes around"?