quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2009

Pulse Ft Antoinette Roberson - Won't give up my Music remixers

One of the best vocals in the dance Music Industry Antoinette Roberson was the voice behind the Pulse project which released 5 songs from 1996 t0 1998.
Bobby Guy & Ernie Lake were the producers where most mixes was done by Hex Hector...That
was the time when Real House music was being produced....too much crap today....!!!
Miss Roberson has done a few other projects including lots of backing vocals to Todd Terry and Martha Wash, Michael Jackson,Cher, Diana Ross and so on...Her latest single is Be Free with Kenny Dope mixes relased in 2009.
Here are the best mixes out of this lovely track..Enjoy it!!
Won't Give Up My Music (Tribal Anthem Vocal)
Won't Give Up My Music (DJ's Rule Club Mix)
Won't Give Up My Music (Electric Trippin' F.O.L. Mix)
Won't Give Up My Music (Trash Mix)

4 comentários:

  1. My cd-single doesn't contain the best mixes: Rule and trippin.
    Thanks 4 posting them.

  2. welcome!! Rule and Trippin mixes I took out of my 12" remix vinyl... it wasn't released on cd..

  3. very good song congratulations to the creator of the blog, this song was part of the track where I played my congratulations