segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010

Celebrating 1 year !!!

I have now passed my first year as a blogger and it has been such a great experience. This blog was born out of many requests that I got from friends who share the same taste in music.
I'm glad to be able to bring back some good memories for those who lived in the 90's & early 00's when the truly house music was made.
I would like to thank all the visitors, followers and "leechers" for all the support.
My plan is to continue for one more year and see what happen. The thoughts about turning this blog into private still in my head.....
Hope you guys enjoy what's being post. Have fun and feel free to request.

8 comentários:

  1. Happy birthday!! thx 4 sharing good music

  2. Felicidades por este año, congratulations for this year, good music y buena vibra.

  3. Hey! ive found myself being abit of a fore mentioned Leecher over the last little while, and just wanted to say Thanks for sharing all the great music! I Love it when I see a new post has been added. Keep it Up, its really appreciated!

  4. Hi Lavidav check Manutek Blog he posted Kristine Blond the mix u are looking for here is the link

  5. Congratulations for a year!
    And thank you for this year...

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. A little late but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Thank your for sharing and caring - you're something special, this blog is special - please, keep it special!