domingo, 7 de março de 2010

Full Frequency Ft.Ursula - He Watches Me

Very strong Gospel styled NJ vocal house with a great piano work mixed by DJ Don Juan and Darryl Sanders. Released back in 2002 under Bumpin City Records. Ursula's vocals sound very much alike Dajaé it makes me wonder who is the real singer of this track????? Dajaé aka Ursula??? I'll let you guys find out!
Have fun and enjoy another great tune!
He Watches Me (Juan's Original Mix)
He Watches Me (Daryl's 2 AM Mix)
He Watches Me (Jason's Smooth Mix)

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  1. Thanks! next time write in english ! I can't read it !

  2. hey mr. garage house. this is fabulous, oh man.
    i hop and jump to it all day and all through the night. what a great jumpstart into a day !!
    keep doin whatcha doin!!!!

  3. Man..this is the best blog ever!! Love all the garage sounds, true house! Thanx so much for this!

  4. very nice blog full of real nuggets..keep em coming