sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

Michelle Wilson - Never Ending Source Of Love

One of the best songs from Mrs. Wilson. Unortunately we hear much of her lately... I believe her last work was "Love Connection" in 2002 (not her best!) IMO the reason this single did not take off was because the awful mixes from Axwell.
"Never Ending Source of Love " was released under 2 lables back in 1995. Waako Records had mixes from Gio & Keith Kemper & Troy Parrish & a Dub from Angel Moraes while Hole Records had an exclusively mixes from Ivan Iacobucci . I gather the best mixes to post.
The Source of Love never Ends....
Enjoy !
Never Ending Source Of Love (Troy's Sugar Babies Remix)

Never Ending Source Of Love (Ivan Classic Mix)
Never Ending Source Of Love (Ivan Club Mix)
Never Ending Source Of Love (Ivans Funk-ulo Mix)

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  4. Axwell mixes was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!