quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010

Mass Syndicate Ft. SuSu Bobien - You Don't Know

One of SuSu's best performace !! It was first released under a few different lables back in 1998 Strictly Rhythm, FFRR & Airplane! Records with mixes from M.A.S. Collective, Jonathan Tedesco, Fun Kee Runners, The Beloved....... The 12" remix came along under Groovilicious in 1999 with mixes from Junior Vasquez and Mark Pichiotti . I miss the good old days when Mr. Vasquez used to do such great mixes.....Unfortunately nothing like that is being produced nowadays.
I add a bonus track from M.A.S. Collective mix one of my fav!!!

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  1. It;s a sunny day here in England (which is rarer than where you are I suspect!), and this is perfect for it. Remember hearing this on an old Frankie Knuckles Essential Mix, and loving it, so it's great to find it on here - thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, it brings back faded memories from the Twilo dancefloor, love your taste in music, just discovered the blog, I know I'll become a regular reader.
    R. Varano (London)

  3. BLESS!!!!! I've been trying to find this track for a million years and the best I could due was an OK recording on youtube. THANK YOU! Let me know if you ever need any tracks. I've got two closets full of 1990-2000 vinyl. Loads of big black ladies singing!!!

  4. Ah SuSu Bobien has done it again...this song is fantastic and I couldn't have heard it for the first time (late, as usual) at a better time in my life. Thank you SOOOO much for posting this- along with the Psalm Mix Version of Set Free this is my favorite song by her.