quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

Slippery People Ft Adeva - Wish I never Knew

I remember getting this cd copy in Boston from a DJ friend of mine. At first, I could not believe, one of my greatest diva had released a new single!!!!
Unfortunately, as far as I know this IS Adeva's last work in years. Released in 2004 as a Promo under Guidelines lable it was produced by Slippery People and backing vocal by Leroy Burgess.
This single tracks: Radio Edit, Original Mix(my fav), ***Ski Oakenfull Remix(very disappointed mix I prefer his work with Incognito), Album Mix( good mix).
Listen to Adeva's voice is a bless. Hope she comes with something new in a near future!
Wish I Never Knew(Album mix)
Wish I Never Knew(Original Mix)

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